ICBM Insurance Services Welcomes Curt Smallbrock

Seasoned community banker Curt Smallbrock has joined ICBM Insurance Services as a vice president. Smallbrock has been paired with Kevin Burr to service community bank clients in western Minnesota, northern Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Curt Smallbrock

In preparation for his role, Smallbrock obtained his license to sell property and casualty insurance.

Smallbrock is well-known in central Minnesota community banking circles. The Mora, Minnesota native worked the past six and a half years at Pine Country Bank in Rice, MN as a commercial lender and branch manager. He has worked in the banking field since 1996.

“I’ve been in banking for 24-plus years,” Smallbrock said. Though the insurance business differs from lending, Smallbrock said he accepted the position because “it felt like a great opportunity to learn something new, and work with an organization he believes in.”

The 44-year-old Smallbrock considers his background an asset. “I understand the lingo because of all of the roles I’ve played in banking. I’ve been a teller, a mortgage banker, a licensed financial advisor, a personal banker and a commercial banker. “I think tying that together as a whole, being able to speak banking language and be able to speak the insurance language, is pertinent,” he added.

Smallbrock works from his home in Sartell, MN, which he shares with his wife, Brandy, and their three teenage children. (Brandy Smallbrock is vice president of member relations at the Independent Community Bankers of America.)

Smallbrock understands that cybersecurity is a large threat to community banks these days, because he’s dealt with it, he said; he’s eager to help bankers train their staff to recognize and mitigate threats that are increasing almost daily.

When he’s not learning the ins and outs of the insurance business, Smallbrock likes to stay active with his family; traveling, fishing, hunting and golf are among their favorite activities.

Smallbrock also enjoys being a handyman and hobby carpenter. He has a woodshop on his property, and said time in the shop has helped him puzzle his way through some complicated workplace problems. “If I just step away and go outside for 30 minutes and just kind of relax and start working on something different, all of a sudden [a solution] will pop into my mind, like, ‘Oh, okay. That makes sense’,” he explained.

It’s a process not without consequence: “Then all of a sudden I notice that my measurements are off because I started thinking about something else,” he laughed.

Smallbrock has had to absorb a lot of information to successfully navigate this career shift. The effort has been 100 percent worth it, he said. “I am really looking forward to the opportunity to work with and help protect community banks, making sure they’re there for the long-term to serve their community. I’m excited.”

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