Meet ICBM Endorsed Provider: Press Gold Group LLC

Meet ICBM Endorsed Provider: Press Gold Group LLC

ICBM Endorsed Provider Press Gold Group helps community banks grow their relationships with commercial customers by offering them access to a best-in-class payroll solution.

The partnership between ICBM and Press Gold Group gives your bank and its customers access to a robust compensation and human resources platform with personal client care and support. Through this partnership, your bank can take advantage of a branded referral website, hosted and maintained by Press Gold. You get a fast and easy roll out with no extra work for bank staff — and importantly, you get a positive non-interest revenue stream.

Partner with Press Gold Group and offer payroll services to your commercial customers. When you do, you strengthen customer retention and loyalty while earning income for the bank.

Contact: Carl Pressman
Tel: (952) 926-8463

7900 International Drive, Suite 685,

Bloomington, MN 55425

Phone: 651.687.9080

Fax: 651.687.9387

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