MN community banker again picks up seniors' college tuition

If high school seniors in Luck, Wis., didn’t already know they’re in luck, they do now. On Sept. 5,  Minnesota banker Dennis Frandsen announced he is offering to pay for two years of technical college for all of Luck’s 34 prospective graduates this year. He also offered to cover the cost of books and tuition. 

KARE11 reported that Luck Public Schools Superintendent Cory Hinkel announced Frandsen’s generous gesture during an assembly on the first day of school. “The look on the kids’ faces was priceless,” Hinkel said. “I really think this is going to make a huge impact on a lot of our kids’ lives.” 

Frandsend made the same offer to the 2018 graduating class at Rush City High School if they chose to attend local Pine Technical and Community College, Pine City, Minn. 

The owner of the $1.7 billion Frandsen Bank and Trust, which has an office in Luck, said that he created the Frandsen Family Foundation this year to pay college tuition for kids in small towns, especially those who were not top academic performers. “What about the average students?” he asked, noting he was an average high school student at best. “Are we just going to forget about them?” 

Frandsen attended Luck High School for one year before transferring to nearby Frederic High School.

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